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Coalition targets in Yemen based on precise intelligence - Assessment Team

RIYADH, Nov 19 (KUNA) -- Operations launched by the Saudi-led coalition supporting legitimacy in Yemen are based on precise intelligence, the Accident Assessment Team in Yemen said on Sunday.
Team spokesman Mansour Al-Mansour told a press conference that the operations abide by the international and humanitarian laws.
He said the Houthi militants set up their headquarters near hospitals, which places those locations at risk of being targeted by the coalition strikes.
Al-Mansour emphasized that the coalition strikes recently targeted the Houthi coupists and not the Sanaa's Sabeen hospital.
The coalition has intensified strikes on legitimate military targets, ballistic missile launch platforms, he stressed.
The coalition hit Al-Zaidia security directorate headquarters after the Houthis seized control of the facility. The same happened to the Sala Palace Museum which was used by coupists for military proposes. The spokesman revealed that a committee was formed , affiliated to the Yemeni legitimate government to follow up on the needs of those affected by the strikes. (end) ad.tma.msa