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France refutes Iranian accusations of Mideast policy bias

PARIS, Nov 17 (KUNA) -- France on Friday refuted accusations from Iran that it was biased in its policy in the Middle East.
Iran said that France was guilty of "partiality" and that this approach was aggravating the various crises in the region.
Lately, France has been critical and outspoken about the need to address the Iranian ballistic missile issue, warning that if this is not dealt with more European sanctions could be placed on entities or individuals linked to the programmes.
Paris indicated that the Iranian ballistic missile development and testing were "non-conform" programmes relative to UN Security Council resolutions.
France also condemned the recent missile strike against Saudi Arabia, which was foiled by the Kingdom's air defence system. The missile, fired from Yemen, was of a ballistic type and Iran has been blamed for supplying it to Houthi rebels in Yemen.
In addition, French authorities have called for an examination of Iran's role in the region and for Tehran to halt any destabilisation and policies that threaten regional security.
Reacting to the Iranian accusations, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Agnes Romatet-Espagne said that France consistently spoke to all countries involved in regional crises and sought to help find solutions.
"France undertakes a dialogue with all countries that have an influence in the crises in the Middle East," she said in a press briefing.
Paris aims to get "a de-escalation of violence in order that all the parties can contribute to political solutions which alone can bring a return to peace, security and stability," the official added. (end) jk.bs