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Int'l forum in Madrid mulls transformation of terror threats

MADRID, Nov 14 (KUNA) -- The Fifth Elcano Forum on Global Terrorism held on Tuesday here tackled the progression of terrorist groups in open societies in the past six years.
The event organized by the Elcano Royal Institute and Embassy of the United States in Spain, brought together a number of renowned terror experts from across the globe.
The participants discussed the terror challenges after the emergence of the so-called Islamic State (IS) group and the latest counter-terror tools and approaches.
The experts considered how terrorist groups like IS have made use of the internet and communications' technology to promote their extremist ideologies and recruit new members.
Spanish researchers highlighted the outcome of a recent study on the terror activities in Spain during the period between 2013-2017.
The study, themed "Jihadist Activity in Spain, 2013-2017: from the Cesto Operation in Ceuta to the Attacks in Catalonia," showed that 262 people have been detained in Spain over terror activities.
Seven out of each 10 of the detained people were part of bigger networks and cells, it noted.
The forum touched upon several other topics such as: the post-caliphate Salafi-Jihadi movement and the threat to Western societies; the jihadist threat over Western Europe: trends and CT challenges; the Islamic State-effect on Jihad in Western Europe; and the Islamist terrorism threat in Australia since 2012. (end) hnd.ibi