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Yemeni Info min: "We continue to count on Kuwait's role"

By Nawab Khan

BRUSSELS, Nov 9 (KUNA) -- Yemen's information minister Muammar Al-Iryani highly praised Thursday Kuwait's distinguished role in support of the Yemeni people, underscoring its hosting of two peace conferences last year.
"Kuwait plays a historic and distinguished role in Yemen. Kuwait has its imprints with the Yemeni people. There is a university called the Kuwait University and there are Kuwaiti schools and hospitals," he told KUNA in an interview in Brussels today.
"The Yemeni people love Kuwait, its leadership, its government, its people, except the Houthi militias who only like Iran," said al-Iryani.
He stressed that the role of Kuwait is important and central referring to the hosting by Kuwait of two rounds of peace talks on Yemen last year.
"It had a big impact and the Yemeni government offered big concessions during these meetings but the Houthis in the end refused to sign the agreement because their instructions come from Tehran," he said.
"We continue to count on Kuwait's role. It has a role in the coalition for the return of the legitimate government under President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi," he said.
"We will never forget what Kuwait is offering in humanitarian aid to the Yemeni people and we count on Kuwait to put pressure on the Houthis to lay down their arms and accept the political process," he added.
The Yemeni minister called on the EU to condemn the crimes being committed by the Houthi militias in the country.
Al-Iryani said he came to Brussels to attend a seminar on Yemen, and he will also meet some members of the European Parliament to inform them about what the Houthi militias are doing to destroy the cultural heritage of Yemen.
A seminar on Yemen's history and culture was held today at the Brussels Press Club. It was organised by the Avicenna Institute which is based in the French city of Lille.
Speaking at the seminar, Al Iryani said the real cause of the crisis in Yemen was due "to the revolution against a democratic government by the Houthi rebels supported by Iran." He expressed support to the Gulf Cooperation Council Initiative to resolve the crisis and said the government is ready to return to the peace talks.
On his part, the President of the Avicenna Institute Mohammad Al-Bechari appealed to the international community and the UN to save the destruction of Yemen's cultural and historical heritage from the hands of Houthi militias.
Al Bechari said he will organise similar seminars in other European countries to raise awareness of the destruction of Yemen's cultural and historical heritage by the Houthis. (end) nk.rk