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EP committee criticizes US decision to leave UNESCO

BRUSSELS, Oct 12 (KUNA) -- Petra Kammerevert, chair of European Parliament's Culture Committee, criticised on Thursday the US announcement to withdraw from the UNESCO by 31 December 2018.
"With the US retreat from the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, Donald Trump isolates his country further," she said in a statement tonight.
"It seems that the US is not interested in further contributing its support to the cooperation of nations through education, science and culture to maintain peace and security," she said.
The statement noted that the US declaration to withdraw has been preceded by a dispute over Palestine's UNESCO membership, about structural problems in the organisation, as well as the US contribution to UNESCO.
"Some of the reasons to withdraw from UNESCO are completely made up. It is one of the duties of the organisation to seek solutions even to the most difficult problems in the world. And the Israeli-Palestinian conflict certainly is one of them," Kammerevert added. (end) nk.ibi