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KPC sponsors 3rd KOGS show, conf.

KUWAIT, Oct 11 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) announced Wednesday that it would be sponsoring the 3rd Kuwait Oil and Gas Show and Conference (KOGS 2017), which is organized by the Society of Petroleum Engineers on October 15-18, 2017 under the patronage of His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah.
In a press release, Nizar Al-Adsani, CEO of KPC and the conference's president, said that the future of energy is witnessing a complicated case of instability, which urged KOGS 2017 organizers to put this topic on the table of discussion during sessions of the conference which is held under the title "Shaping the future of energy: integration and diversification." Furthermore, he noted that the growing demand from developing countries and increased use of technology would sustain global demand on energy, further explaining that staying up to date with the market's developments is necessary to push strategic decisions forward in the long term.
"When experts and specialists discuss studies and research related to the future of energy, they remain acquainted with the challenges related to energy," he added.
The Society of Petroleum Engineers is responsible for organizing KOGS 2017, which includes four debates that discuss various topics such as diversification over the oil and gas industry activity chain, as well as innovation and challenges.
The event also includes seven special sessions, four technical sessions, a ministerial session, and a general executive session. Meanwhile, the exhibition will be organized by UBM AEM.
KOGS 2017 has gained the interest of officials and chairpersons of international companies, as well as experts and stakeholders in the oil and gas industry, given its attempt to give a future outlook through the serious topics put on the table of discussion and related to energy.
On that regard, 628 worksheets were received from 153 companies and 36 countries, while 143 worksheets were selected to be presented through 21 technical sessions.
More than 200 companies from over 20 countries will attend the exhibition that takes place on October 16-18, 2017.
The exhibition is held over an area of 14,000 square meters, and features national and international oil companies, as well as service companies in oil, gas, refinement and petrochemicals.
It is expected that more than 5,000 visitors from the region and around the world will attend (KOGS 2017). (end) osj.gta