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Kurdistan legislature rejects resolutions by Iraq's Parl't

Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament
Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament
IRBIL, Sept 30 (KUNA) -- The Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament on Saturday rejected the resolutions taken by Iraq's Council of Representatives against the region in retaliation of the independence referendum it held on Monday.
Closing all border crossings is not in the power of the federal government in Baghdad, a Kurdish MP said, urging the implementation of the outcome of the public vote that covered Kurdistan and the "disputable areas." The Kurdish parliament welcomes any step to enhance dialogue with Baghdad, he said.
The legislature of the northern Iraqi region held a session today to discuss the steps of the Iraqi government and parliament regarding the plebiscite.
It voiced utter rejection all the Iraqi parliament's decisions saying: "The referendum of the Kurdistan region is legal according to the Iraqi Constitution." Another Kurdish parliamentarian urged the neighboring countries to respect the laws of the region, and the international community to respect the decision of the Kurdish people.
Meanwhile, the parliament authorized Kurdish President Masoud, also Commander in Chief of the armed forces (Peshmerga), to make the necessary arrangements to protect the Kurdish areas exposed to threats.
The Iraqi parliament earlier issued a host of resolutions, including committing Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi to seize control of the Kurdish Irbil and Sulaymaniyah airports, and to close border crossings between the region and neighboring countries.
More than 92 percent of the people in Kurdistan voted in favor of independence from Iraq. (end) sbr.rj.msa