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Humanitarian relief convoy arrives in Harasta

AMMAN, Sept 24 (KUNA) -- A humanitarian convoy carrying relief supplies entered the city of Harasta in Damascus's countryside, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Sunday.
Fourty two trucks carrying Food, medicine and logistic materials entered Damascus' eastern Ghouta on their way to Massraba and Harasta towns, the Observatory added.
On the other hand, media reports from Syrian opposition said that an agreement has been reached between the Syrian government and armed militias in southern Damascus over finding a solution for those wanting to remain inside Damascus countryside and those wanting to leave.
Coordination of the Syrian revolution quoted media coordinator from Ajnad Al-Sham, Amer Al-Shami as saying "Daesh closed the road connecting Al-Qadam neigborhood with other towns in southern Damascus after an agreement was reached between the armed factions in Madnniya, Boursaed, and industrial compound with the Syrian Army".
Fears of attacks by the so-called Islamic State (IS) are causing chaos among civilians, Al-Shami noted.
The agreement provides the right of departure either for armed factions or civilians to head toward Idlib or Jarabulus northern Syria.
IS re-opened today Al-Asaali road connecting Al-Qadam neighborhood with downtown Damascus after one day of closure. (end) tk.nhq