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Kuwait Cultural Days in Ottawa marks Canadian Confederation's 150th anniversary

Part of the activities of Kuwaiti cultural days in the Canadian capital
Part of the activities of Kuwaiti cultural days in the Canadian capital
KUWAIT, Sept 7 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Embassy to Canada and the country's National Council for Culture, Art and Letters (NCCAL) have launched Kuwait Cultural Days in Ottawa, marking 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation with the aim of promoting cultural exchange.
The cultural days aim at fostering "friendship between the Kuwaiti and Canadian people, because we believe that culture is the bridge that brings nations closer and a mean of interaction among different cultures," Abdulhameed Al-Failakawi, Kuwait's Ambassador in Ottawa, said in a statement during the opening of the event.
"We strongly believe that culture has a great impact in the mind and heart of every person," said Al-Failakawi, whose remarks were sent to KUNA in Kuwait.
The opening ceremony was attended by Mohammad Al-Asousi, NCCAL's Assistant Undersecretary for Culture, Arab and Western Ambassadors, Canadian businessmen and university professors.
Al-Failakawi said Kuwait was proud to see that relations with Canada were established more than 50 years ago.
Al-Asousi said Kuwait Cultural Days were one of the fruits of cooperation between Kuwait and Canada.
He said the cultural days, who were due until September 8, highlighted aspects of Kuwait Culture and its development in the Gulf country.
Al-Asousi described relations with Ottawa as special, as Canada contributed to the liberation of Kuwait from the Iraqi invasion in 1991 and the consequent rebuilding of the nation.
The opening ceremony included workshops, a photo exhibition, an illustration of wooden-ship building and an exhibition of the Arabic calligraphy Fonts. (end) bs