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Jazeera Airways plane undergoes minor mid interception with foreign object

Jazeera Airways
Jazeera Airways
KUWAIT, Aug 28 (KUNA) -- A Jazeera Airways aircraft had a minor mid-air interception with a foreign object. The aircraft continued to operate normally and land safely, Jazeera Airways said Monday.
All passengers disembarked normally and safely at the gate, it said in a statement.
After the interception occurred, all aircraft systems and parameters continued to operate normally, and the pilots operated and landed the aircraft safely, it added.
At no time was the safety of passengers compromised and all passengers routinely disembarked the aircraft at the gate, the carrier noted.
Once the aircraft landed, the aircraft was inspected and the damage was identified on one of the aircraft's two engines (Engine #2) and the aircraft is currently under repair, according to the statement.
A thorough investigation is currently underway by the Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA), in addition to the airline's own investigation.
Jazeera Airways has officially extended to DGCA its support and commitment to aid in its investigation and identifying the on-ground and in-air circumstances that led to this incident, it said.
"The safety of our passengers and crew is of paramount importance to Jazeera Airways at all times," it stressed. (end) aam.mt