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Int'l media body condemns Israeli mistreatment of journalists

BRUSSELS, July 25 (KUNA) -- The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) said Tuesday that there were at least 15 incidents of journalists being attacked, abused or prevented from reporting by Israeli security forces while attempting to cover the Al-Aqsa Mosque protests over the weekend.
The IFJ in a statement condemned these abuses and called on the Israeli authorities to let journalists work freely and safely.
Palestinian and foreign journalists have been forcibly removed from areas around old Jerusalem whilst attempting to cover the Al-Aqsa Mosque protests over the past few days, it noted.
"The IFJ has repeatedly criticized the Israeli government for their mistreatment of journalists, including the disrespect of journalists' rights to travel and report safely and without hindrance," said IFJ President Phillipe Leruth.
"The IFJ calls on the Israeli government to adhere to international conventions and treaties and cease its routine abuse and harassment of journalists," he added.
The Brussels-based IFJ represents around 600,000 journalists across 140 countries worldwide. (end) nk.sd