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Iraqi forces kill IS commander - officer

IRBIL, June 23 (KUNA) -- Iraqi forces have killed one of so-called Islamic State's (IS) leaders in northern city of Mosul, while government troops kept advacing in the city's old town.
The 3rd emergency brigade of Nineveh Police Force killed Jassem Aakoub when IS militants were trying to smuggle him from the Right Coast to the East Coast by a boat through Tigris River, Gen. Abdulameer Yarullah, commander of the Nineveh Operations, was quoted by the army media department of the joint operations command.
The Iraqi forces also killed those who were helping Aakoub, he added.
Meanwhile, Gen. Raed Jawdat, commander of Iraq's Federal Police, said the police forces were advancing in the western side of Mosul and were gaining grounds vis-a-vis the IS.
He added that the police forces were approaching Zewani Mosque and were in full control of the Shamoun Church.
Jawdat added that special forces were also advacing from the south of the Old City of Mosul, closing in on IS terrorists.
Iraqi forces have been battling IS for nine month now, regaining control of almost the entire Mosul. (end) sbr.bs