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Iraqi Forces kill senior IS chief in Mosul

Iraqi forces in Mosul
Iraqi forces in Mosul
IRBIL, April 15 (KUNA) -- The Iraqi forces announced on Saturday killing a senior chief in so-called Islamic State (IS).
A press statement by Iraqi Federal Police Forces Chief Lieutenant General Raed Shaker Jawdat said, the police force eliminated one of the organization's leaders, Mahmoud Ali Mahmoud, during engagements against IS elements in Mosul.
Chief Jawdat added, the Federal Police took control over a network of tunnels underneath south of the old Mosul city, which was used by IS militants.
Moreover, a statement by the Iraqi Defense Ministry noted that units from the Iraqi Army took over a big laboratory for manufacturing booby traps and improvised explosive devices (IED) after liberating Al-Maloutha, located in the right side of Mosul city.
Meanwhile, Iraqi Minister of Displacement and Migration Dr. Jassim Mohammed Al-Jaaf said, the number of displaced people since the beginning of liberating Ninawa governorate reached more than 500,000 persons including 320,000 people who came out of Mosul's right sector. (end) sbr.mys