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EU FMs say Assad has no role in future of Syria

BRUSSELS, April 3 (KUNA) -- A number of EU foreign ministers underlined Monday saod that the current head of the Syrian regime Bashar Al-Asad has to go as part of transition in Syria.
German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel told reporters ahead of the meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg that "It will be up to the Syrian population to decide who will govern the country therefore it doesn't make sense to argue about Assad at the beginning of the negotiations because this could be counterproductive," he told reporters ahead of a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg.
"But it is not possible that a dictator who committed horrible crimes in the region to remain undisturbed and the fact that we are focused on fighting against the IS shouldn't be a reason to forget everything that has happened until now. This cannot be EU's position," he noted.
French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault called for a genuine political transition to build a news Syria.
"France does not believe for an instant that this new Syria can be led by Assad," he said.
Dutch foreign minister Bert Koenders said "I don't think there is a future for Assad. At the same time this is all up to the process, to the Syrian people. I think we can keep the institutions but in the future I think it is very difficult to keep Assad, but this is to be negotiated in Geneva." Meanwhile, Luxembourg FM Jean Asselborn, commenting on reports that the US intends to move its embassy to Al-Quds (Jerusalem), said "I don't think the US should move its embassy to Jerusalem because that would create a serious destabilization in the region." "There are positive signs, I saw (Palestinian) President Abbas two weeks ago, he will be invited in the White House. President Trump changes his statements the same way he did for Europe. I think the same will happen in the Middle East, we must not play with fire, we must not take decisions emotionally. I believe Jerusalem will be the capital of two states, Israel and Palestine," he added. (end) nk.mt