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Mosul on road to moderation after IS era
17/02/2017 | LOC09:43
06:43 GMT
| Gulf News
تصغير الخطالشكل الأساسيتكبير الخط

By Ala Al-Huwaijel

BAGHDAD, Feb 17 (KUNA) -- After two years of the rule of the so-called Islamic State (IS), Mosul city - located in the Nineveh governorate - is recuperating from the vicious and extreme era, heading on a road of moderation and peaceful co-existence.
The city's mosques, which were spewing IS propaganda, are now becoming beacons of hope for the future of Mosul.
The mosques have been leading the way to moderation in the city, trying very hard to cleanse Mosul from its' IS past.
Speaking on the new developments, a number of Iraqi religious officials and citizens have commended steps towards moderation, saying that the city was in need of such policies aiming at resolving Iraq's problems.
Spokesman for the Iraqi Fatwa house, Sheikh Amer Al-Bayyati told KUNA that IS leaders have, literally and figuratively, bombarded the masses with their extreme ideologies when they ruled the city, but thankfully, Mosul is heading on the right direction via spreading messages of tolerance and moderation amongst the people through the involvement of mosques and religious figures..
Al-Bayyati called on the people of Mosul to cooperate with the religious authorities to erase what IS have done in the past, saying that such steps were critical for the recovery of Mosul.
In the meantime, the city people have returned to resume their normal lives.
Speaking about the dreaded past, a merchant, who preferred anonymity, said that those found owning regular things such as satellite receivers were subjected to 30 lashes and attending 15 days of obligatory religious lessons.
Personal grooming facilities like barbershops and others were also bullied and threatened into preventing people from shaving their beards or having haircuts that were not Islamic, said the source who hoped that times like these would not return. (end) ahh.gta

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