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Kuwaiti students continue Albania visit, tour historic sites

Delegation Kuwaiti female students during visit the two cities of Kruje and Shkodra
Delegation Kuwaiti female students during visit the two cities of Kruje and Shkodra
TIRANA, Jan 23 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti female students, currently on a visit to Albania organized by the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, have visited the two cities of Kruje and Shkodra.
Sunday's tour included the Kruje Bazaar that dates back to the Middle Ages. Located inside the fortified walls of the Kruje castle, the Bazaar is both a historic attraction and a shopping opportunity for those hunting for authentic Albanian souvenirs.
The "Be Excellent" delegation also visited the George Castriot Castle, located on 600 metres from the sea level, in Kruje, 32 kilometers from the capital Tirana.
During their visit to the National Museum built close to the castle, the Kuwaiti top Thanawya Amma (secondary school) students were briefed on the history of the renowned military commander George Castriot (Skanderbeg) (1405-1468).
The students also toured the city of Shkodra, northwest, one of the oldest and most historic places in Albania and the Balkans. It is also an important cultural and economic center.
In ancient times, Shkodra was known under the name Scodra and was the capital of the Labeates, an old Illyrian tribe. The Rozafa Castle and the Abu-Bakr Mosqure are two main landmark sites in the city.
Talking to KUNA during the tour, student Noor Abul, expressed admiration of the Albanian people and their ability to use handcrafts to provide their needs. She also liked the fantastic deigns o the old houses there.
Another student, Ohoud Al-Otaibi, said that the tours they had helped them delve into the rich history of Albania. (end) fs.msa