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Iraqi regulars capture more IS strongholds in Mosul

IRBIL, Jan 12 (KUNA) -- Iraqi government forces have taken control of more districts in the northern city of Mosul maintaining the upper hand in the ongoing battle aimed at freeing it from the militant group, the so-called Islamic State.
Lieut. Gen. Abdulamir Yarallah, chief of the operation, "we are coming Ninawa." said in a statement that the regular forces liberated the districts of Somar and Al-Saheroun, where the Iraqi Flag was hoisted atop high buildings.
The regulars burst into these regions, "liquidating large numbers of Daesh group's members," he said, alluding to the IS also known in Arabic as "Daesh." He added that a senior chief of the militant movement was killed in simultaneous air strikes staged by F-16 fighter jets. A number of his aides were also killed in the attacks.
Government officials say that the regular forces are in control of 80 percent of the city. (end) sb.rk