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Iraqi forces kill 220 IS militants, retake new neighborhoods in Mosul

The Iraqi forces in Mosul
The Iraqi forces in Mosul
IRBIL, Dec 31 (KUNA) -- The Iraqi forces on Saturday killed 220 militants of the so-called Islamic State (IS) in Mosul and controlled new neighborhoods in the city, said a military official.
In a press statement, commander of operations in Nineveh Lieutenant General Abdulamir Yarallah said that the forces managed to liberate a neighborhood and raise Iraq's flag on its buildings in the northern axis.
He added that the forces are making progress in the third successive day of the second phase of liberating Mosul city.
In the eastern axis of the city's left coast, counter-terrorism forces retook Al-Quds neighborhood and are advancing towards Al-Karama area, he said.
In the same axis, some 45 militants were killed by Iraq's forces and international coalition, and some booby-trapped cars were destroyed, he noted.
In the southern axis, more than 86 terrorists were killed and seven booby-trapped cars were ruined, he said.
Meanwhile, Iraq's federal police commander Raed Shaker Jawdat said hundreds of snipers were deployed above roofs of buildings so as to target suicide committers.
He added that the enemy lost about 60 percent of its defense and combat capabilities.
On Friday, he said police forces entered deep into the district of Jadida Alآ­Mufti and the neighborhoods of Alآ­Salam, Alآ­Intisar, Alآ­ Wahda, Palestine and Alآ­Quds.
The forces also destroyed a vehicle and killed six terrorists in Alآ­Intisar in the left side of Mosul.
The Iraqi forces retook 46 neighborhoods in Mosul city in Nineveh Governorate at the end of the first phase of liberating the city.
The forces participating in the liberation operations have controlled so far 44 percent of Nineveh's total area.
The Mosul battle has begun on October 17, with the participation of Peshmerga, Iraq and international coalition's forces on October 17. (end) sbr.hm