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Kuwait's Al-Mubarakiya School celebrates 105th anniversary Thursday

Al-Mubarakiya school entrance
Al-Mubarakiya school entrance
(Photo feature) KUWAIT, Dec 21 (KUNA) -- Al-Mubarakiya school, the first organized educational facility in Kuwait, will celebrate its 105th anniversary Thursday.
Opened on December 22, 1911, the school was founded in the era of the Amir Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah.
Around 77,000 Rupees of donations were gathered for its establishment with the first headmaster being Sheikh Yousef bin Issa Al-Qanani. Some 254 students attended the school.
According to historical sources, the idea for Al-Mubarakiya school stemmed from a meeting among Yaseen Al-Tabtabai, Sheikh Yousef Al-Qanani, and Sheikh Nasser Mubarak Al-Sabah at Al-Qanani Diwan during the anniversary celebrating the birth of the Prophet Mohammad. (end) maa.gta