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Lebanon announces cabinet line-up under chairmanship of Hariri

Lebanon's Council of Ministers Secretary General Fouad Fleifel
Lebanon's Council of Ministers Secretary General Fouad Fleifel
BEIRUT, Dec 18 (KUNA)-- Lebanon's Council of Ministers Secretary General Fouad Fleifel late Sunday announced the decree of forming a new government under the chairmanship by Saad Hariri that included 30 ministers.
Speaking at a news conference held after a meeting included President Michel Aoun, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri and Prime Minister-designate, Fleifel read out the decrees pertaining to premier Tammam Salam's government resignation, the designation of Saad Hariri as Prime Minister and the new cabinet formation.
The cabinet line-up: Saad Hariri (Prime Minister) Jebran Bassil (Foreign Minister) Nohad El Machnouk (Interior Minister) Ali Hassan Khalil (Finance Minister) Salim Jreissati (Justice Minister) Marwan Hmadah (Education Minister) Ghassan Hasbani (Health Minister) Melhem Riachi (Information Minister) Pierre Bou Assi (Social Affairs Minister) Ayman Shqeir (State Minister for Human Rights) Talal Arslan (Minister of the Displaced) Ghazi Zoaiter (Agriculture Minister) Michel Pharaon (State Minister for Planning Affairs) Ali Qansou (State Minister for Parliament Affairs) Mohammad Fneish (Sport and Youth Minister) Hussein Al-Hajj Hassan (Industry Minister) Jean Oghassabian State (Minister for Women's Affairs) Mohammad Kabbara (Labor Minister) Jamal Al-Jarrah (Telecommunications Minister) Moein Al-Merehbi (State Minister for Refugee Affairs) Ghattas Khoury (Culture Minister) Yaaqoub Al-Sarraf (Defense Minister) Pierre Raffoul (State Minister for Presidency Affairs) Cesar Abi Khalil (Energy and Water Minister) Nicola Tueni (State Minister for Combating Corruption) Tareq Al-Khatib (Environment Minister) Enaya Ezzeddine (State Minister for Administrative Development) Youssef Finianos (Public Works and Transport Minister) Raed Khoury (Economy Minister) Ouadis Kedenian (Tourism Minister) Ghattas Khoury (Minister of Culture).
Hariri, at a press conference following the announcement of the line-up, said his government's priority was to preserve domestic security stability, as well as distancing Lebanon from conflict in Syria.
He said his government would attempt to bring about the international community's help to Lebanon to provide helpt for the Syrian people who were fleeing the conflict in their country.
Hariri said his government would work on writing a new election law, as well as addressing pressing electricity and waste problems.
According to Lebanon's constitution, the new government is asked to offer its policy, and development, social and economic plans to the parliament within 30 days to gain confidence so as to assume its duty. (pickup previous) wsm.hm