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Iraqi offers rewards for information about Kuwaiti POWs, archive

BAGHDAD, Dec 17 (KUNA) -- The Iraqi Defense Ministry pledged Saturday high rewards to those who may provide credible information about the whereabouts of remnants of Kuwaiti missing persons, and Kuwait's national archive.
In a press statement, the ministry urged those who have any information about the remnants of Kuwaiti and third-country nationals who went missing since the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait in 1990-1991, to come forward and report it to relevant authorities.
The information could be reported through the telephone number of the ministry's Media and Morale Guidance Directorate: 07901944369, the phone number of the ministry's Human Rights Directorate: 07901945476, and the e-citizen government website, the statement added.
Informants would get high rewards, after verifying their information, the ministry vowed, with elaboration on the nature and value of the rewards.
Last May, the Iraqi Defense Ministry expressed commitment to do all in power to move forward the dossier of Kuwaiti POWs and lost Kuwaiti national archive. (end) ahh.ibi