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US designates two men, charity from Yemen as Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists, supporters

WASHINGTON, Dec 7 (KUNA) -- The US Treasury Department designated Yemenis Al-Hasan Ali Abkar and Abdallah Faisal Sadiq Al-Ahdal and a Yemeni charity as terrorists and supporters of terrorism with links to Al-Qaeda.
The charity, called Rahmah Charitable Organization in Al-Shehr City, Hadramaut, is headed by Al-Ahdal and was listed for providing support to terrorists, according to a statement by the Treasury.
As a result, all the possessions of Abkar, Al-Ahdal, and the charity located within US jurisdiction will be "blocked" and US citizens are forbidden from business dealings with these parties.
An Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula member since 2014, Abkar became commander responsible for Yemen's Marib and Al-Jawf Governorates a year later, said the statement.
Meanwhile, Al-Ahdal has been providing a "variety of financial, leadership, and other facilitation support" to the group since 2009, it added.
In mid-2016, he was appointed senior tribal leader in Yemen's Hadramawt Governorate who provided financial assistance for the group through money laundered under the cover of charitable organisations.
He had also occupied positions as a foreign recruiter and weapons smuggler for the group.
"The facilitators and front company designated today are responsible for supporting Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's violent terrorist activities," said the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control Acting Director, John Smith.
The action exposes the group's illicit activities, and aims to disrupt and dismantle its financial and support networks, he added. (end) sd.hb