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Citizen nabbed for diffusing IS thoughts - Interior Min.

The arrested Kuwaiti national Osman Zebn Naif
The arrested Kuwaiti national Osman Zebn Naif
KUWAIT, Aug 25 (KUNA) -- A Kuwaiti national working in a state institution has been arrested for disseminating extremist thoughts, the Interior Ministry said on Thursday.
The security bodies arrested Osman Zebn Naif, born 1990, a civil servant, for using his office and computer to hack official social media sites of some "friendly and sister" countries to spread the extremist thoughts of the so-called Islamic State (IS), the ministry's Public Relations and Security Information Department said in a statement.
The suspect has been cooperating with others abroad.
According to the statement, Naif confessed that he is a member of what is called the "Cyber Army of the Khilafah", reportedly an IS affiliate, which hacks the sites to circulate security and other sensitive information to be used by elements of the "terrorist group." The security bodies had monitored the suspect for months, and finally caught in in flagrante. Naif admitted his crime saying and led to his three partners.
The statement pointed to close cooperation with the security bodies in other countries, saying that two culprits were arrested in Iraq and one in Jordan Thursday evening.
Naif has been referred to the Prosecution for joining a terrorist group and hacking e-sites to spread IS thoughts. (end) hmd.tab.msa.