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Prisoners cmte in Kuwait's Yemen talks convene

KUWAIT, July 24 (KUNA) -- A committee that emerged of the Yemeni peace talks held in Kuwait, on Sunday discussed a roadmap for releasing prisoners and detainees at home in line with what the Yemeni warring parties agreed upon during the first phase of the Kuwait consultations.
The prisoners and detainees committee will follow up the initial reports submitted by the Yemeni stakeholders to the UN last June on a number of detainees. The discussions aim to pave the way for a draft agreement to set free prisoners and detainees as soon as possible.
The talks will also address the respect of the detainees' rights, as well as allowing humanitarian organizations to visit them and check conditions at places of detention.
In the meantime, a UN team continues meetings with the Yemeni parties to discuss the topics on the agenda of the Kuwait consultations that aim to put an end to the conflict in Yemen. They include comprehensively consolidating ceasefire in Yemen, activating the pacification and coordination committee and forming military ones to supervise withdrawal and hand over of weapons as well as the opening of safe access to deliver humanitarian aid. Kuwait has been hosting the UN-brokered talks involving the Ansarullah movement and the General People's Congress (GPC) and the Yemeni government since April 21.
On June 7, the Yemeni government announced the release of 54 children who were held by the Saudi-led coalition, and were delivered to their families. A week later, the Ansarullah movement announced setting free 57 detainees in the southern province of Amran governorate, a day after it had released 130 in Ibb.
The UN Secretary General's Special Envoy for Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed then welcomed the release which he said would leave such a positive impact on the Yemeni society and the path for peace.
Ould Cheikh Ahmed has flown to Mauritania to attend the 27th Arab Summit that kicks off in the capital Nouakchott on Monday.
He is due back in Kuwait Tuesday to carry on with administrating the Yemeni peace talks. A UN team is in charge till the envoy's return. (end) am.rj.msa