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Hard to resume EU entry talks with Turkey post foiled coup -- Germany

BERLIN, July 22 (KUNA) -- Germany cannot see opening a new stage of negotiations with Turkey regarding the latter's joining the EU in view of the stringent measures the Turkish government has resorted to in the aftermath of the foiled coup, said a German official on Friday.
It is incumbent on Turkey to show commitment to the rule of law, post failed coup, said German government spokesperson Steffen Seibert in a press statement.
He said the crackdown on people accused of taking part in the coup, including pictures of them showing traces of torture and their humiliation by being paraded in front of cameras was cause for concern.
It "raises troubling questions if accused people are seen on television or in photos bearing clear traces of physical violence, or if individual people are humiliated or denigrated in front of the camera," said Seibert. He added that there should be close examination of the way Ankara uses European financial aid and that it must be harmonious with the standards of entry into the EU.
After the failed coup, the Turkish government fired thousands of teachers, scientists, officers, and judges from their jobs. (end) ang.ajs