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240 Turkey's regime supporters killed in failed coup attempt

ISTANBUL, July 19 (KUNA) -- At least 240 people, including civilians, policemen and military men, have been killed in clashes with supporters of the failed coup attempt took place in Turkey last Friday, said security sources.
Up to 62 policemen were killed Friday night in Ankara, Istanbul, Turkey's Anadolu Agency reported, citing these sources. The agency added that at least 173 civilians were killed in Ankara, Istanbul and Malatya.
According to the sources, Turkish authorities put in custody at least 6,310 soldiers, 1,481 judiciary members, 650 public servants and 210 police officers for alleged links to Friday's deadly coup attempt.
The agency said at least 990 suspects who were taken into custody have been charged, including 82 high-ranking officers and 273 judiciary members.
Meanwhile, the investigations into the failed coup attempt uncovered that aircraft, including six warplanes, took part in bombing some headquarters in Ankara took off illegally from the Diyarbakir Air Base in southeastern Turkey Friday night.
Diyarbakir's Public Prosecution said in a statement Tuesday that police arrested two generals and some individuals linked to the take-off.
The sources noted that two F-16 aircraft took off from the same base to take part in the failed coup attempt. (end) ta.hm