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Syrian regime violating own cease-fire with attacks in Aleppo, Damascus suburbs, Idlib -- US

WASHINGTON, July 7 (KUNA) -- The Syrian regime is violating its own cease-fire announcement with reports of artillery attacks in Aleppo, the Damascus suburbs and Idlib, State Department spokesman John Kirby said on Thursday.
"It is extremely troubling and deeply disturbing to us that once again, the regime is not meeting their full commitment, contrary to their own declaration," Kirby said during a briefing.
Today is the second of three days of the recently announced period of calm for Eid in Syria.
Violence has been broadly reduced, "showing us that it is possible for both sides to refrain from aggression when they choose to do so," Kirby said.
Officials will continue to monitor the cease-fire violations carefully, he said.
"We continue also to call on Russia to use all of its available influence on the regime and its allies to cease offensives during this pause, particularly in Aleppo, where the regime appears to be continuing to pursue an offensive military plan and violation of the calm they, themselves, have announced," he added. (end) rm.ibi