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Yemen gov't seeks fair, sustainable peace deal - Min.

KUWAIT, June 26 (KUNA) -- Yemen's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Civil Service and Insurance Abdulaziz Jabbari urged the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to act swiftly to help achieve fair and sustainable peace in Yemen.
Speaking at a closed-door session attended by the UN chief and Yemeni negotiating teams participating in the Kuwait-hosted and UN-mediated Intra-Yemen talks, Jabbari emphasized the legal and moral responsibility of the international community towards Yemen.
He warned that a sticking-plaster peace deal would not be an acceptable solution to the crisis.
It would just move the conflict to the future, he laid it bare.
Jabbari explained that the Yemeni people have been exhausted by conflicts and are yearning to everlasting peace that is based on all parties commitment to the UNSC resolution 2216 and other peace talks basic reference points such as the Gulf initiative and its mechanisms as well as the outcome of national dialogue.
The Yemeni official stressed that Yemeni government and people are appreciative of the UN Secretary General's eagerness to render the Yemeni peace talks a real success.
He added that the Yemeni government delegation came to Kuwait with a sincere desire to achieve peace and end the conflict whose grave ramifications have reached every part of the country and affected every citizen and are now threatening to dismember the social fabric and national unity.
He pointed out that the crisis in Yemen and its huge political, social and economic consequences are no longer an internal Yemeni affair, but rather a regional and international issue.
If the Yemen's state institutions were not restored and the illegal weapons were not handed over to the government, there would be disastrous impacts on regional and international peace and security, he argued.
Logic dictates that any peace deal should pave the way for Anasruallah movement to turn into a political party to be a partner in the political and the decision-making processes in Yemen, he said.
In the conclusion, Jabbari thanked the UN chief and Kuwaiti leadership at the forefront of it His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, other Gulf leaders and all world countries supporting peace in Yemen. (Pickup previous) hrz.om.ibi