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Asiri slams UN report of Arab coalition "violations" in Yemen

RIYADH, June 5 (KUNA) -- The spokesman of the Arab Coalition Forces Brigadier General Ahmad Asiri slammed the "contradictory" report by the United Nations (UN) which claimed that coalition forces have committed "violations" in Yemen.
In statements to Al-Arabiya.net website on Sunday, which Saudi Press Agency (SPA) obtained a copy of, Asiri said that the coalition strives to protect the people of Yemen so long as there remains a legal and internationally recognized government in place.
Moreover, Asiri noted that the UN report "is baseless and does not serve the interest of the Yemeni people." He also added that the report, "regrettably equates between the international legitimacy and the legitimacy of the government and coup militias who were a major cause of the instability and chaos in Yemen." The spokesman of Arab coalition forces added that the report failed to provide figures on the number of children victimized by the conflict.
"The UN should value the Coalition's efforts to ensure that all sides remain on the negotiating table to ensure a solution to the conflict," he said.
"This report should be for the betterment of the Yemeni people, instead, it stands against the future of Yemen," Asiri noted. (end) am.nam