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US would "consider" deploying third unit of military personnel - White House

WASHINGTON, April 26 (KUNA) -- The US would "consider" sending more military personnel to support the 300 currently on the ground in Syria, a White House official said on Tuesday.
If the Department of Defense concludes that "additional results could be generated with an additional commitment, I think that's something that the President (Barack Obama) would consider," said Press Secretary Josh Earnest.
His comments, which came during a briefing, were made in response to a question whether any additional deployments would be approved after the president announced the dispatch of 250 personnel on Monday.
The deployment will aim to compliment the role of an already-existing 50-member military unit which "proved to be quite useful," including special operatives, medical and logistics staff.
However, a third deployment would occur providing the current deployment "yields positive results," Earnest said.
"Obviously, this is something that both the Department of Defence and the commander-in-chief would consider quite carefully, given the significant risk that these special operators are facing.
"They are not in a combat role, but they are in a role that puts them in harm's way," he said. (end) sd.bs