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Arab FMs rejects Israel's policies in Syrian Golan Heights

CAIRO, March 11 (KUNA) -- Arab Foreign Ministers on Friday rejected all Israeli occupation authorities' policies that aimed at changing the legal and demographic status of the Syrian Golan Heights.
The foreign ministers, in a final statement on the occupied Golan Heights, considered Israel's December 14 1981 decision to annex the Syrian Heights illegal and void, and was in complete violation of the UN resolutions.
They said the Arab countries should support Syria in its quest to regain the Golan Heights to the June 4 1967 lines on the basis of the 1991 Madrid peace conference.
The foreign ministers voiced complete support for Syria and Lebanon in the face of the repeated Israeli aggression as well as occupation of their territories.
They called on the UN Security Council (UNSC) and UN Human Rights Council (HRC) to make sure Israel fully respect the 1949 Geneva convention and the international treaty over civil and political rights.
Israel, they said, should allow the population in the Golan Heights to visit their relatives in Syria through the Qunaitera crossing.
They condemned the Israelis for forcing some villagers in the Golan Heights to leave their homes to divide their villages, as well as erecting a fence on the Syrian borders. (end) mfm.bs