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Yemeni gov't denies Houthis' claims Arab coalition bombing schools, health buildings

RIYADH, Jan 10 (KUNA) -- The Yemeni government Sunday denied Houthi militias and their allies' claims that Saudi-led Arab coalition was bombing educational and health buildings, as well as using cluster bombs against civilians.
"The operations executed by the Arab coalition forces are primarily targeting rocket launchers and positions of the militias which pose a threat on civilians in the capital Sanaa and other governorates," the government said in a statement, cited by the Saudi official news agency, SPA.
The Houthis and former president Ali Abdullah Saleh's forces are the ones attacking civilian buildings and citizens, as well as worshipping places and populated areas that killed and wounded many people, as well as displacing thousands others, it said.
It added that the Arab coalition aimed at restoring security and stability in Yemen.
The government said the Houthis and their allies were the ones who control the government institutions, and transforming them into camps and arms depots.
It held the Houthis of undermining security and stability in the country. (pickup previous) od.bs