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Kuwait forging ahead towards building information society - PM

KUWAIT, Nov 15 (KUNA) -- As the modern states are growingly reliant on information technology to provide better and timely services, Kuwait is intensifying efforts to build its information society, His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah said.
Building information society paves the way for significant development in different aspects of modern life and helps states secure decent life for their citizenry, so Kuwait is forging ahead with its plans for the development of the information sector, Sheikh Jaber said in a speech read out on his behalf by Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and the Chairman of the Central Agency for Information Technology Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Al-Sabah at the inaugural session of the Third E-government Forum (EGOV3 Forum).
He went on to say that e-government programs are one of the main tools of modern states to upgrade their services.
He added that the forum, held under the patronage of His Highness the Prime Minister and themed "Information Management and Security," focuses on the security threats facing the information society due to the growing information systems hacking and piracy problems.
Any breakdown or hacking of the information systems of the security and border crossings or the wiretapping of the phone calls is a major threat to the whole state and should be prevented, he stressed.
The forum provides a great chance to put in place and develop Kuwait's e-government programs, he said.
He promised that the government would offer support and meet all the requirements to materialize the forum goals. He urged participating agencies to do their best to help make Kuwait future's more secure and prosperous.
For his part, the Forum Chairman Abdullateef Al-Suraie said that working to build an information society is one of the main signs of the real development in modern states.
Information security is an important element for securing Kuwait society and the state development march, he said, stressing the need beefing up efforts to counter the piracy and hacking operations.
The e-government programs focus on information management and availability of information in the required time which have a great impact on the decision-making process in any institution, he said.
He reiterated that information security is important for the state national security as well as economic and social stability.
It is of a great importance to address systems loopholes to avoid any hacking and stealing of personal, banking, health information or the state secrets, he said.
Al-Suraie underlined the need for cooperation and coordination among all state agencies to address the growing challenges in this regard.
The three-day forum which attracts a large number of information management and security experts and representatives from diverse government agencies will mull range of information management and security technologies and solutions particularly to help the government provide leading-edge, thought-leadership, and a valuable information-sharing opportunity on Big Data, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence.
They will also explore new information management and information security developments that will impact E-Government program development and deployment; means to improve productivity, efficiency and effectiveness with current technologies and best-practice solutions, and the best practices to protect information assets; and present new approaches and solutions for information management and security. (end) skm.smr.ibi