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26 suspects indicted over illegal possession of arms, furtive contacts with Iran, Hezbollah

KUWAIT, Sept 1 (KUNA) -- The Public Prosecution has referred to court 26 people, 25 Kuwaitis and an Iranian, for illegal possession of arms and furtive contacts with Iran and Hezbollah.
Last month the Kuwaiti security bodies nabbed a terrorist cell and seized huge amounts of explosives, arms and ammunition.
A statement issued by the office of the Public Prosecutor Dherar Al-Asousi on Tuesday said that investigations in case No. 55/2015 were completed, and 23 suspects would remain in custody. Three are still at large.
It added that 24 were charged with committing acts harmful to the unity and territorial integrity of Kuwait, as well as furtive contacts with Iran and the Hezbollah.
They illegally brought, assembled and possessed explosives, machine guns, firearms, ammunition and tapping devices to use them in their crimes, according to the statement.
Twenty-two of the suspects were accused of receiving training on using explosives, arms and ammunition, to employ them later for illegal purposes. They were also charged with illegal possession of explosives, arms and ammunition.
Some of them were accused of joining Hezbollah, and urging others to be part of the group that seeks to spread principles aiming to illegally undermine the foundations of the state and forcefully shake-up the social and economic system in the country.
They were also charged with taking part in training others on explosives and arms to use them for illegal purposes.
Eleven suspects were accused of unlicensed possession of tapping and wireless communication devices.
One suspect was charged with illegal possession of machine guns, other firearms and ammunition, and hiding them. One other was accused of failing to report to the concerned authorities that a suspect possessed explosives, firearms and ammunition, which he intended to use, the Public Prosecutor's statement concluded. (end) msa