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Libya condemns terrorist attacks in Kuwait, Tunisia, France

TRIPOLI, June 27 (KUNA) -- The internationally-recognised Libyan authorities have condemned Friday's terrorist attack on a mosque in Kuwait, describing the incident as a "plan to plant sectarian sedition and deal a blow to national unity." "The world once again witnessed on Friday several separate terrorist attacks which led to dozens of deaths and injuries - and were orchestrated across the Arab region and the European continent," read a statement by the interim Libyan government's Foreign Ministry.
The bomb attacks occurred across three countries and three continents all on Friday.
In Kuwait a suicide blast killed some 27 and injured 227 prayer-goers at Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque, while in Tunisia, 36 were killed and 39 injured at a tourist resort, with France witnessing a man carrying a jihadist flag storm into a gas factory and blew himself up killing one and injuring several others.
"This act stems from a veiled intention to implant sectarian sedition and strike the national unity between Sunnis and Shiites in Kuwait," the statement added.
It went on to pledge Libya's "unlimited support" of all of the nations targeted by terrorism, adding that Libya is experiencing the same fate.
The statement also underlined the need for regional and international efforts to unite in the fight against terrorism in a comprehensive manner. (end) nam.sd