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Three Iraqi people killed, 17 wounded by two blasts in Baghdad - source

BAGHDAD, June 14 (KUNA) -- At least three Iraqi civilians were killed and 17 others wounded by two car bomb explosions in northern and southern the Iraqi capital Sunday.
A car bomb exploded by Nawadi market, in Shaab neighborhood, killing at least two civilians and wounding seven others, a security source in the Baghdad operations command told KUNA, adding that the blast caused material damages to five civilian cars parked close to the incident.
Ambulances rushed to the scene to transport the victims to Al-Kendi and Sadr hospitals in Sadr city, while police cars closed the main Shaab Street, the source added.
Meanwhile, another explosion took place at Khansaa district in Nahrawan area, southern Baghdad, caused by an IED that was attached into a parked car, killing at least one civilian and wounding 10 others, the source noted. (end) mhg.ma