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Some 50 children killed in clinic fire in northeast Syria

AMMAN, May 31 (KUNA) -- Some 50 children were killed in a fire at local clinic in northeast Syria, media reports said Sunday.
The fire outbreak at Maysalun clinic in Hasakah province resulted from an explosion of the clinic's main fuel tank, according to Syria Live Network (SLN) also known as Syria Mubasher.
One of the clinic's workers sat the fuel tank on fire during an ongoing children vaccine campaign at the local medical center, SLN said, adding that the clinic's main gate was closed prior to the fire.
The fire killed majority of people inside the clinic, it said, adding that most of survivors sustained severe burns and are currently in a critical condition, SLN noted.
Meanwhile, around 184 people were killed in a number of Syrian cities during the past 24 hours by Syrian regime's air strikes and explosive barrels, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said in a statement today. (end) tk.ma