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Bahrain Premier lauds "special" relations with Kuwait

MANAMA, May 31 (KUNA) -- Bahraini Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa commended on Sunday the outstanding relations between Bahrain and Kuwait.
During his meeting with Kuwaiti Ambassador to Bahrain and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps Sheikh Azzam Al-Sabah along with officials of the kingdom, Al-Khalifa appreciated constant support from the two brotherly countries' leaderships, praising Kuwait's support to the Kingdom and its contributions to its development programs.
Prince Khalifa, meanwhile, stressed that the latest developments in the region reveal the extent of the plots and conspiracies carried out against the region by "terrorists" who use religion to justify undermining its security and stability, stressing that the Islamic religion totally rejects their actions.
He expressed his astonishment that how a Muslim sheds the blood of other Muslims while praying at a time when the nation is facing the danger of foreign interference in its domestic affairs.
He said that Arab countries are working together under the leadership of Saudi Arabia to halt plots of evil against the Arabian Gulf region, noting GCC countries have the ability to promote comprehensive cooperation that brings positive results to all GCC member states and their people. (end) mgh.hm