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Houthis continue shelling of Saudi cities, killing five people

JEDDAH, May 6 (KUNA) -- Five people were killed and several others injured due to resumed Houthi militias rocket attacks on Saudi territories, Saudi authorities announced Wednesday.
The Houthi rockets targeted the southern Saudi city of Najran for the second day in a row, killing at least five people, including a policeman and wounding 11 others, said Spokesman of the Civil Defense Directorate in Najran Lieutenant Colonel Ali Al-Shahrani in a press release.
He carried on saying that Houthi rockets also hit a Najran prison vehicle, which resulted in killing corporal Hayan Al-Wadee, a civilian car with two passengers onboard, and an auto repair shop, which led to the killing of one worker and a passerby.
The shelling also left 11 others wounded, who were rushed to nearby hospitals for treatment, he said.
Earlier today, two Saudis were killed by a Houthis' shell that fell on a border village in the Kingdom's southwest Jazan Province.
On Tuesday, three Saudis were killed and several others injured by the Houthi militia shelling of civilian targets in Najran. (pickup previous) nh.ibi