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Political solution in Yemen is only solution - Kuwaiti FM

KUWAIT, April 27 (KUNA) -- First Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah said a political solution is the only solution to the crisis in Yemen, and efforts were being made to bring Yemenis together on one negotiating table.
At an open dialogue session on the last day of the Arab Media Forum on Monday, he described the situation in Yemen as "worrying and one that we had been trying to avoid over the past four years." No sooner did Yemenis celebrate the success of national dialogue, Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled said he was "surprised" to learn that, last September, a group had rebelled against an agreement made by most of the people.
"It is sorrowful that Yemen has stumbled. We do not want for Yemen to drift into a widescale and destructive civil war," he said, revealing that diplomacy is being carried out, and that UN chief Ban Ki-moon will soon be presenting a Security Council report on what has been agreed by parties in line with UNSC resolution 2216.
He noted to the Gulf Cooperation Council initiative on resolving the political stalemate in Yemen as an existing document, reiterating the need for a political solution.
The other need as a humanitarian one, he said. This should be in line with the political efforts, added the minister, urging all Yemeni parties to come forward. (more) sss.sd