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Arabs reiterate support to "Decisive Storm" defending legitimacy in Yemen

SHARM EL-SHEIKH, EGYPT, March 29 (KUNA) -- Arab leaders have reaffirmed full support to the Saudi-led "Operation Decisive Storm" in support of legitimacy in Yemen.
They empathized that the operation was based on the Arab Treaty of Joint Defense, the Arab League Charter and Article 51 of the UN Charter, as well as the responsibilities of maintaining the national unity, sovereignty and independence of the Arab states, according to a resolution on Yemen issued on Sunday at the end of the two-day 26th Arab Summit in Egypt's Sharm El-Sheikh.
The leaders expressed hope that the compelling military measures would "restore security and stability to all Yemen under constitutional legitimacy, countering (Houthis') attempts supported by external parties." "These (external) parties aim to threaten security of Yemen, the region and the Arab national security, as well as the international peace and security through sequestration of the Yemeni will, arousing seditions and dismantling the country's social fabric and national unity," the resolution read.
It urged the Houthi militias to "immediately withdraw from the capital Sana'a, other towns, and the government institutions (they had seized) as well as normalizing the security situation in Sana'a and other governorates, besides returning the heavy and medium weaponry (they took) to the constitutional legitimate authorities." The Arab leaders reiterated the "full commitment to Yemen's unity, and respect of its sovereignty and independence, rejecting all forms of intervention in its internal affairs." They voiced support to the Yemeni people and their expectations for freedom, democracy and social justice, as well as enabling them to achieve comprehensive development.
The resolution underlined the importance of "urgently" responding to Yemen President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi's call for a conference on Yemen to be held in the Saudi capital of Riyadh under the umbrella of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). All Yemeni powers and parties keen on the country's security and stability are supposed to come together for a national dialogue.
Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz was commended for welcoming to host the conference in Riyadh.
The resolution welcomed a UN Security Council statement, adopted on 22 March 2015, demanding the Houthis and their allies to stop their aggressions against the Yemeni governorates, especially on Ta'izz and Aden.
The Arab leaders welcomed the request by the Yemeni President for safeguarding Yemen's constitutional legitimacy, and eagerness on the implementation of the GCC Initiative, and the Security Council relevant resolutions.
Finally, they underlined support to the Yemeni leadership and people in their "continuous and open war against terrorism and piracy" and emphasized the necessity of making urgent arrangements to handle the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Yemen, where more than 16 million people are "suffering severe shortage of food and medical care." Saudi Arabia is leading a coalition of more than ten countries in the military operation, launched early on Thursday, responding to a request by President Hadi to stop the the Houthi coup against legitimacy.
Yemen has been gripped by increased turmoil since the Houthi rebels overran Sana'a in September. (end) ms.mfm.rg.asm.msa