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Saudi Arabia proposes establishment of petroleum media association

Saudi Arabia proposes establishment of petroleum media association
Saudi Arabia proposes establishment of petroleum media association
RIYADH, March 22 (KUNA) -- Saudi Oil Minister Ali Al-Nuaimi Sunday proposed establishment of an association dedicated for petroleum media, which comprised of Gulf and Arab journalists covering energy affairs.
Saudi Arabia is ready to support the establishment of this association with the objective of boosting transparency among GCC countries and prepare oil strategies of the Arab Gulf countries, Al-Nuaimi said in a keynote speech at the opening of the 2nd GCC Petroleum Media Forum.
He said the forum was part of the objectives of the petroleum media strategies, aimed at highlighting importance of petroleum media message.
Kuwait's Minister of Oil Dr. Ali Al-Omair said the media have direct impact on oil markets through publication of opinions and analyses.
Al-Omair, also Minister of State for parliament affairs, said media have been influencing economic policies including the oil ones.
Media in the region should defend Gulf oil producers and defend their policies, said Al-Omair, but petroleum media should be "credible, transparent and influential." He said the fact that GCC countries have kept oil production ceiling unchanged did not mean they mean harm to anyone because revenues of most of regional oil countries almost wholly depend on oil.
It is neither in interest of OPEC or non-OPEC member countries to deliberately force prices to drop, he said.
Al-Omair said Saudi Arabia played great efforts with non-OPEC countries to guarantee sustainability of prices.
Qatari oil minister Mohammad Al-Sada called for a full-fledge plan for petroleum media.
He said media were influencing decision-making if the reporting was based on realistic figures.
Bahriani oil minister Abdulhussein Merza said the GCC countries did not train national petroleum journalists.
He said the oil official should also provide the journalist with necessary information.
Suhail Al-Mazroui, UAE's oil minister, said there were many oil consultants in the GCC countries who could help in the establishment of the petroleum media association.
GCC Assistant Undersecretary for Economic Affairs Abdullah Al-Shebli said the Arab Gulf countries always shought credibility related to oil affairs. (pickup previous) mjb.od.bs