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Hong Kong police arrest 37 protesters following clashes

KUALA LUMPUR, March 2 (KUNA) -- Hong Kong police arrested 36 persons Monday following clashes between protesters and local police in New Territories area on the Chinese mainland border, demanding cancellation of the multiple entry permit visa and topple of the Chinese Communist Party.
Hong Kong police said in a statement the protesters in Yuen Long in New Territories area blocked a main road with garbage bins and halting traffic.
For their part the police used pepper spray to disperse the demonstrators.
The police said 36 persons, aged between 13-74, were arrested for offences including possessing weapons and committing assault, disorder and fighting against security men.
Protests were staged in the last few weeks against China's mainland shoppers, which resulted in calls for greater Hong Kong and independence from China after police ended three months of youth pro-democracy protests.
Hong Kong, which has been ruled by China, got its independence from Britain 1997.(end) mam.ha