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Divers lift plastic items littering Al-Sulaibikhat beach

Divers lift plastic items littering Al-Sulaibikhat beach
Divers lift plastic items littering Al-Sulaibikhat beach
KUWAIT, Feb 11 (KUNA) -- Divers of the Environmental Voluntary Foundation (EVF) lifted 16 tons of plastic waste littering Al-Sulaibikhat beach.
Walid Al-Shatti, in charge of the team of divers who carried out the clean-up operation, told KUNA ON Wednesday the divers worked for four days to collect the plastic waste and items, including bags and cans, dropped by ships and boats.
Affirming that such acts harm the coastal environment, namely the birds and sea life, Al-Shatti called for toughening penalties against those who litter the coastal regional with harmful materials.
Moreover, the EVF has monitored "attacks" on coastal birds, he said, warning that the polluting acts and the targeting of the birds affect life of various animal species living in Kuwait Bay. He thanked the municipality and the ministry of health for their help in cleaning the environment.
The foundation, along with other national bodies and authorities, is involved in diverse activities to protect the Kuwaiti environment and combat harmful acts and negative behavrious, such as littering the beaches, the sea bed and ridding coral reefs of stuck ordnance or fishing nets. Its teams had previously lifted sunken boats, waste and other things at sea locations and harbors.
Kuwaiti authorities have been keen on safeguarding the national environment. Latest step in this rgard came on Tuesday, when officials from the Ministry of Interior (MoI) and the Environment Public Authority (EPA) discussed establishment of "Environment Police." It is expected to be effective in two two years, pending some legislative measures.
The special squad will be in charge of taking action against any act harmful to the environment or public health. (end) zik.bs.rk