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Libya bans Palestinians, Syrians, Sudanese from entry on security grounds

TRIPOLI, Jan 5 (KUNA) -- Libya has banned the entry of Palestinians, Syrians and Sudanese onto its land on security grounds that they belong to some armed groups in the country, the Ministry of Interior announced Monday.
It said in a statement that this decision, made by the Minister of Interior in the interim government Omar Al-Sanki, was based on a detailed and thorough screening of persons from these three nationalities.
The decision will be in effect immediately at all the country's exist points until further notice.
Furthermore, the Ministry also gave out orders to never grant visa entry to any nationals from Malta before obtaining a security clearance.
This measure, the Ministry pointed out, is "precautionary" after security information indicated that some Maltase people have been providing logistic help to militia groups in the country. (end) nam.nfm