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Egypt postpones hosting Mideast peace talks to mid-Nov - Palestinian official

GAZA, Oct 26 (KUNA) -- Egypt has said that it would postpone its hosting of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, scheduled in a day, to after mid-November due to the deadly attacks on its soldiers in Sinai, according to a Palestinian official.
Azzam Al-Ahmad, Palestinian chief negotiator, said in a press statment in Gaza that he was informed of the decision earlier on Sunday.
The decision comes a day after Egypt closed the Rafah border crossing with Gaza following attacks in Northern Sinai on Friday that killed 31 Egyptian soldiers, thus impeding the travel of Hamas officials to Cairo who reside in Gaza.
Egypt mediated a ceasefire between both sides which stopped Israel's 50-day assault on Gaza, which started in July and ended in August, but is still working towards a permanent agreement that ensures an end to hostilities between both sides. (end) wab.sd