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UNGA votes Angola, Malaysia, Venezuela, New Zealand, Spain non-permenenat members of SC

NEW YORK, Oct 16 (KUNA) -- Angola, Malaysia, Venezuela, New Zealand and Spain were elected here by the 69th session of the UN General Assembly for five non-permenent seats at the Security Council that is to be filled for the 2015-2016 term.
Separately, Angola received 190 votes out of 193 ballots papers, as Malaysia got 187 out of the 193.
Out of 193 ballot papers, and one invalid, Venezuela received 181 votes.
New Zealand won by 145 out of 193 in round one.
In the first round Spain received 121 votes, and Turkey 109, yet due o 2/3 majority needed in order to win, the President of the General Assembly called for a second round.
In the second round, 129 votes is needed to obtain the last seat at the Security Council, Spain got 120 and Turkey 73. Therefore, the GA president called for a third round.
Spain won with 132 votes, while Turkey received only 60 votes.
The five elected of the ten non-permanent seats in the Security Council are distributed regionally, one seat for the African Group, one seat for the Group of Asia and the Pacific Small Island Developing States (Asia-Pacific Group), one seat for the Group of Latin American and Caribbean States (GRULAC), and two seats for the Western European and Others Group (WEOG).
The elected countries are to replace, Rwanda, Korea, Argentina, Australia and Luxembourg.
Eastern Europe Group has not contested on any seat this year since it is up for elections every other year.
They newly elected members will start their term on January 1, 2015 and will serve through December 31, 2016.
The African Group, Asia-Pacific Group, and GRULAC all raced in a "clean slate" with one candidate put forward by each regional group. Yet the other two seats for WEOG were in competition between New Zealand, Spain and Turkey.
Angola has been a UN member state since 1976 and has served on the Council once (2003-2004), it received the endorsement of the AU in January 2014, a Security Council Report said.
Malaysia is member of the UN since 1957, and has served on the Council three times (1965, 1989-1990, 1999-2000), it is to join Jordan as the two Council members from the Asia-Pacific Group, the report added.
The report mentioned Venezuela as a founding member of the UN and has served on the Security Council four times (1962-1963, 1977-1978, 1986-1987 and 1992-1993).
New Zealand, a founding member of the UN has served on the Security Council three times (1954-1955, 1966 and 1993-1994).
Along with New Zealand, Spain share seats at the WEOG which are filled every even calendar year. Spain has been a member of the UN since 1955, and has served on the Council on four occasions (1969-1970, 1981-1982, 1993-1994 and 2003-2004), it added. (end) mao