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Opposition fighters seize areas in Daraa, southern Syria

AMMAN, Oct 5 (KUNA) -- Syrian opposition fighters on Sunday seized control of Azmerin village and Oum El-Aaoussaj barrier, in the town of Hara, Daraa governorate in southern Syria, following clashes with regime troops, a report has said.
The Fath Al-Sham Brigade, affiliate of the Islamic Movement of the Free Men of the Levant, controlled the area in collaboration with other groups, in a battle given the name of "By the Dawn and ten nights" aiming to seize the Tal Al-Hara strategic neighborhood, the movement's media office said.
It added that the Brigade destroyed two tanks for the Syrian regime in the vicinity of Tal Al-Hara, while activists said that the opposition had shot down a fighter jet that was raiding the area.
Meanwhile, heavy clashes are raging in the Damascus Jobar neighborhood between the regime's troops, supported by the National Defense Force and Lebanese Hezbullah on one hand, and the Islamic Brigade and the Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front fighters on the other.
Also, two rockets fell on the Barza neighborhood in the capital where many were injured, including a child. Two mortars also fell on areas near the Fares Khouri street in central Damascus, but no casualties or losses have been so far reported.
In the southern governorate of Idlib, the regime's fighter jets dropped barrel bombs on Saraqib town killing three people, among them two child brothers, as five others were wounded.
The raids targeted other areas of the province. (end) tk.tb.msa