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Arab League team heads to Gaza Strip to evaluate situation

CAIRO, Sept 3 (KUNA) -- A team of legal, humanitarian and health experts from the Arab League's Secretariat is heading Wednesday to the Gaza Strip to monitor the situation there and to evaluate first-hand the damage inflected by the Israelis on the Palestinian territory.
Head of the team Layla Najim told the press that the team will reach the Gaza Strip through Rafah Crossing, noting that they will write a report on observations made during the inspection tour. The report, then, will be submitted to the Arab League secretary General.
Najim, who is Arab League Director of Health and Humanitarian Aid, added that 13 conveys carrying medicine, baby formulas, fresh water, and other essentials will accompany the team.
Another convey loaded with food items and 123 ton of rice will reach the Gaza Strip later on this month. (end) mfm.nfm