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Iraq's parliament to discuss "Speicher crime" Wed.

BAGHDAD, Sept 2 (KUNA) -- Iraq's parliament will hold an emergency session on Wednesday to discuss what is known as the "Speicher crime," an alleged massacre that claimed the lives of hundreds of Iraqi unarmed soldiers and cadets in June.
Earlier on Tuesday, families of the military members attacked by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in a military base, formerly known as Camp Speicher, stormed the parliament in Baghdad in protest of official negligence of the issue. They demanded information on the fate of their loved ones.
A parliamentary statement in Baghdad said the parliament in cooperation with the General Commander of the Armed forces, will hold a session tomorrow to discuss the fate of Speicher victims. The Minister of Defense, and other relevant security commanders, among them commander of operations in the Salah Ad-Deen province, will attend.
Parliament Speaker Saleem Al-Jabouri received today some of the victims' relatives and listened to their demands. He said they will attend the emergency session, to be public so that "all Iraqis can follow the details of the issue." Al-Jabouri added the families have the right to seek information on the fate of the victims and to express their views "peacefully" through channels granted by law and the constitution.
Angry protestors had broken into the parliament in Baghdad's high security Green Zone, demanding investigation of the incident that took place more than two months before in the Salah Ad-Deen governorate north of the country. (end) ahh.msa